Final meeting of the semester

By Samantha Wood, BU SPJ Secretary

In our last chapter meeting of the semester, the members of BUSPJ will elect a new e-board for the Spring 2013 semester. Every semester, we elect a new e-board and open all positions to a vote.

This semester, we are consolidating the e-board positions. Instead of our current eight-position e-board, we will now only have five members: a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and social media chair. Below is a brief description of each position. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Take a look at this semester’s members of e-board to get an idea of the kind of people you could work with on e-board.

As the leader of SPJ, the president sets the agenda for e-board meetings, has the ultimate say on events and chapter meetings and ultimately oversees the entire group.

Vice President
Vice president is the second-in-command to the president and is in charge of events coordination, which means booking rooms for all events and coordinating with speakers for chapter meetings and other events.

The secretary is responsible for taking notes at each of the e-board and chapter meetings and at other applicable events. The secretary is also the one in charge of the SPJ email account, meaning he or she sends out the emails notifying the group of upcoming events and opportunities. The secretary is also in charge of moderating national SPJ membership.

The treasurer manages SPJ’s bank account and updates the e-board during meetings on the status of the account balance.

Social Media Chair
The social media chair maintains the SPJ Facebook, Twitter and website, which entails creating Facebook events for all meetings and events, spreading the news on Twitter and creating posts for the website (this will also be contributed to by the rest of e-board).

As a member of e-board, you are expected to be an official member of the national chapter of SPJ and attend bi-weekly e-board meetings.

While there are some current members of e-board running for these positions, there are some that are completely open. All members are encouraged to run. Do not be discouraged if you are a freshman or sophomore. Many of the members of the current e-board began as freshmen, so we encourage everyone to run.

Date: December 6, 2012
Time and location: 7:00 pm in COM B25



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